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About Think Equestrian

  By kind permission of Ian Barr images (seelinks)


I am available for regular or one off clinics and I also offer performance maximisation talks aimed at groups of riders, trainers or judges. I am also available to give talks to groups of riders & judges about starting out in DTM classes as well as talks explaing What The Judge is looking for.In addition, I also design dressage to Music floorplans at all levels

An innovative product from Rona Willicott is Sound Schooling (see downloadable lesson page and links) which can provide you with a large range of reasonably priced lessons that you can download onto your mp3 player to help you whilst you are riding. I have written and recorded warm up routines and ridden lessons and non-ridden topics for the site and more will follow. The main purpose is to give you focus in between lessons especially for people on limited budgets and also the many of people who feel benefit from additional support.

I am also one of the judges on a video-based dressage competition website (see links) where you can download a video and have it judged in a competition format. This is ideal for those who have limited opportunity or budget for competing or issues with transport and also those people who are wanting to try out at a new level but would prefer to try out in more familiar surroundings 

                               GBR Gold medal team European Championships 2012


My name is Kim Ratcliffe, formerly a City Corporate banker, I escaped the rat race in 2001 to take up coaching (both equestrian and human) full time. A List 1 dressage judge, a National Para judge and British Dressage (BD) UKCC Level 3 coach/trainer and I am also a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Many of you may have also heard my voice from running the Radio Nationals radio station and commentary team. I also enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the sport when training judges around the country. I am now mainly in a judging and training role although I did make a short return to the competition arena and qualified for 2 Winter Championships at Hartpury, various regional and area finals and represented Essendon & Epping Forest Dressage Group in the National Riding Club finals. My main successes were in Dressage to Music classes which I particularly enjoy. I am currently undertaking the National Development Programme for Coaching Excellence aimed at training recreational riders 

I also understand what it is like to be on the receiving end of coaching and teaching having taken up several new musical and sporting hobbies over the last few years. My experience on the learning side has helped me to understand more about what the rider, athlete and individual requires to help and support them in their life and hobbies.For several years I have had an interest in Coaching skills and techniques focusing on Neuro-LinguisticProgramming. I have trained with Ian McDermott, author of numerous books on NLP and one of the most highly regarded NLP trainers in the world.My riding training has been wide and varied but I have found that, in the main, my preferences lie with trainers that have either originated or trained in Scandinavia (on the basis that Carl Hester's main trainer is Danish then that can be no bad thing!).